Out of Office

The following used to be my standard “Out Of Office” reply, before office politics got in the way that is:


Yippeee... I'm out of the Office until Xxxxday xxth Xxxxxx.

You can contact me via email on [--redacted--] which I check
infrequently, but only if it's really urgent. There are other email
addresses you can use, but I'm not telling what they are 'cos they're

Alternatively you could call me on my mobile phone, if you have that
information, and if it's really, really, really, earth-shatteringly
important. If you phone me at home on the other hand be prepared to
have your call screened as I have caller ID, and probably ignored,
unless you make a very good case, or I'm feeling generous. If I
actually answer the phone be prepared to suffer large amounts of abuse
and ridicule, it'll be just like I'm still at work, only more so.

Otherwise please do feel free to bother someone else that isn't me...
anyone really, take your pick, it doesn't matter to me a tiny bit who
you choose. Honest, I'm not bothered at all, go on send that email,
make that phone call, knock yourself out!

And lastly please remember that you're special... just not to me at the
moment :‐)


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