Bookmarks for 6th August 2013

These are my saved Pinboard links for 6th August 2013: andreafabrizi/Dropbox-Uploader · GitHub – Dropbox Uploader is a BASH script which can be used to upload, download, delete, list files (and more!) from Dropbox, an online file sharing, synchronization and backup service. It's written in BASH scripting language and only needs cURL. Chicken Fingers recipe […]

Bookmarks for 8th May 2013

These are my saved Pinboard links for 8th May 2013: Shauna James Ahern’s Chile-Lime Shrimp Stir-Fry | Serious Eats : Recipes – Stir-fries are an obvious choice when it comes to quick and approachable weeknight cooking. And with the availability of gluten-free tamari and other Asian sauces increasing at markets, it is super easy to […]