Bookmarks for 6th April 2012

These are my saved Pinboard links for 6th April 2012:

  • Pure CSS Tool Tips Revisited | Impressive Webs – Creating tool tips with pure CSS and no images or JavaScript is nothing new. I’ve never personally written anything on the topic, but there are plenty of examples and tutorials to choose from.

    For a recent project, I had to research the concept and find something that suited my needs. I didn’t spend too many hours researching but, from what I could see, most (if not all) solutions available were satisfactory for most cases, but had a few minor flaws.

    So in this post I’ll address these minor weaknesses and present what I think might be a more bulletproof solution.

  • Blackcurrant macaroons – Red Online – These brightly coloured moreish meringues and almond biscuit sandwiches will make the perfect gift for foodies. 
  • 0x10 ͨ – Hi, I'm Notch, and this is my new game. It's going to be a space game, and it's quite ambitious!

    The game is still extremely early in development, but like we did with Minecraft, we expect to release it early and let the players help me shape the game as it grows.

    The cost of the game is still undecided, but it's likely there will be a monthly fee for joining the Multiverse as we are going to emulate all computers and physics even when players aren't logged in. Single player won't have any recurring fees.

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