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These are my saved Pinboard links for 5th February 2013:

  • Corner Editor « Photoshop Scripts – This Photoshop script can do everything that the Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer script can, and a lot more!
  • Healthy burger recipes – Recipes – Zest – Know what's in your burger – make your own. These delicious homemade recipes cut the risk of nasties and taste great
  • .app.icns – Application icons.
  • hint.css – A tooltip library in CSS – Hint.css is a tooltip library written in SASS which uses only HTML/CSS to create simple tooltips.

    It does not rely on any JavaScript and rather uses data-* attribute, pseudo elements, content property and CSS3 transitions to create the tooltips. Also it uses BEM naming convention particularly for the modifiers.

    Note: CSS3 Transitions on pseudo elements is currently available on Firefox only. On rest of the browsers it degrades gracefully without any transition. Though the good news is that it will be coming soon on webkit also.

  • Cheap Energy Club – Permanently save on Gas and Electricity – We take the hard work out of being an energy tart. Come on board, tell us what your current tariff is and we'll tell you, if you're overpaying or not. Then, as many tariffs are only cheap in the short-term, we'll monitor the market for cheaper ones and email you (or text if you like) when you should switch.

    Can't be bothered to switch for a £20 saving? Just tell us what you will switch for and we'll only email when you can save that amount. Bingo! It'll all be filled in for you – just click the button.

  • Home | Testing made easier in Internet Explorer | modern.IE – A new set of tools to help you support modern and older versions of Internet Explorer
  • AppleScripting Notification Center > Scheduling Do Not Disturb | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog – Mountain Lion's Notification Center is great for keeping you in the loop, but it can be a huge distraction when you need to get stuff done. Sometimes, a little peace and quiet is all you need to stay productive.

    As you may know, iOS 6 includes a handy Do Not Disturb feature, which can be turned on to disable notifications. It can even be set to automatically enable/disable itself at scheduled intervals. Mountain Lion also lets you disable Notification Center. Just open Notification Center and drag down to access a Show Alerts and Banners toggle switch. Note that this is a temporary setting, and disabled notifications automatically re-enable at midnight.

  • Herb Crusted Pork Chops with Balsamic Onions recipe from Food52 – Bread your pork chops, fry them up, sauté some onions, and put them on top. Devour.
  • Chicken Pepper Fry | Serious Eats : Recipes – If you're looking for a reason to get out of that dent in the couch and into the kitchen without too much effort, this is the recipe for you. It's more of a let-it-do-its-thing-in-the-pan kind of recipe so it's perfect for lazy folks.

    Chicken Pepper Fry can have many flavor variations depending on the region where it's prepared. Primarily you'll find it in the south of India, where pepper is the king of spices. This version is from Kerala, a state where the pepper vine veils walls and roofs, and finds its way into almost every meal.

    The oil is the key to the flavor of the dish because the spices infuse into it and coat and fry each piece of chicken until the flavor of the pepper and other aromatics goes into the meat. The onions and tomato give the dish some body and add thickness to the gravy. You can reduce the amount of pepper if your spice threshold is low, but I'd recommend that you don't go too low.

    You can have it with white rice, pilaf, roti, or bread. In front of the television.

  • Raisin Tea Cake | Serious Eats : Recipes – It's always nice to have something alongside a good cup of hot tea. Sandwiches, cookies, and buns are all great choices, but to me a nice slice of tea cake and butter is hard to beat. This is a simple cake, dotted with raisins soaked in tea—but put it next to a pot of tea, and take a moment to read a newspaper or stare out a window, and you'll be ready to get back to the real world feeling satisfied and invigorated.

    This cake will sit well in a container in the fridge for about a week—which makes it an ideal thing to make on a Sunday afternoon when you have some time, so that you're ready when the urge for tea and cake strike later in the week.

    If you're feeling creative, change out the raisins for chopped figs or currants, and the orange for a lemon; you could even swap out the tea for a flavored black tea like a chai. With that in mind, this is a good recipe to have when your pantry is a little empty as well; as long as you have eggs and butter and a couple other dry goods you're only a couple hours away from a tea cake.

  • Skillet Baked Ziti | Serious Eats : Recipes – I have a confession to make. And it's a pretty major fat kid one. Baked ziti was one of my favorite late night go-to dishes in college (read: drunk food). Actually, it was baked ziti pasta pizza (let's say I was a little heftier back then). I loved picking off the pieces that had a crisp, golden crust and looked at it as two meals in one, both pasta and pizza (not really a good thing on a semi-frequent basis, I've come to realize).

    This version is an ode to my favorite late-night meal with a slightly healthier twist. No pizza crust. The pasta tubes on the edge of the pan still get the crispiness but it's brightened with a sprinkling of fresh basil that adds a little green to the dish. I actually ended up using penne for this photograph because my grocery store ran out of ziti, but you can make it with either and it will do just as well.

    Feel free to up the parmesan amount to a full cup if you want a creamier dish or even stir in some heavy cream or ricotta before putting it in the oven. Adding some sausage to the recipe could also be another delicious twist to try if you're feeling adventurous.

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