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These are my saved Pinboard links for 4th February 2014:

  • Create LaTeX tables online – Quickly and easily generate markup for tables in LaTeX, HTML, plain text, Markdown and MediaWiki formats.
  • globocom/thumbor – thumbor is an open-source photo thumbnail service by
  • Slightly Smoky Mixed-Bean Chili recipe on – This chili was based originally on a recipe from a Sunset Magazine Vegetarian Cookbook for Layered Chili. At the time, 3 cans of prepared beans were adequate for my small family. Later on, I encountered Deborah Madison's version for Black Bean chili, which called for toasting spices and whole dried peppers and grinding them to lift the flavor. Being rather lazy, I simplified those instructions quite a bit, simply adding my blend of spices to the sizzling mix of onions and garlic already in the pan. As my family grew, I added more cans of beans to the preparation, till the cost in terms of cash outlay and the effort of opening 8 or 9 cans in the rush to get dinner on before the school bus arrived (as I said, I'm lazy) outweighed the flavor benefit. So I experimented with the more lazy, leisurely approach of soaking and cooking a mix of dried beans–big pillowy kidneys, black turtle, small Adukis, pictorial Anasazis and pintos. It is I suppose more effort, but can be done in stages. I don't bother soaking overnight, a few hours will do. Don't skip the yummy garnishes. They freshen up the flavor of this rich stew.
  • Nigel Slater: The perfect baked potato | Life and style | The Observer – Crisp jackets, snowy white flesh and lashings of butter… but it's the karate chop that guarantees the spot-on spud, says Nigel Slater
  • Creamy leek & mushroom pancakes – Rich Harris whips up these tasty pancakes – perfect for a quick midweek supper.
  • Al Forno’s Penne with Tomato, Cream & Five Cheeses recipe on – You won't meet a speedier baked pasta, not one that's this good. The recipe as written is genius, but even more genius is the fact that the technique can be reapplied in countless ways. Al Forno is always cycling in seasonal variations: thinly sliced asparagus and lemon zest, radicchio and shiitake, pumpkin and pancetta (the last of which Merrill reverse engineered and posted on FOOD52 back in 2010 — go save her recipe now to try next fall). You also don't need to go out and buy five different hunks of cheese. This technique can work with whatever forgotten ends you have lying in the cheese drawer.
  • Super Crumb Raspberry Almond Crumb Cake | Serious Eats : Recipes – Raise your hand if you don't like crumb cake. I didn't think so. What's not to love about crumb cake? For anyone who likes it sweet in the morning, crumb cake hits the spot with its layer of moist, buttery, vanilla cake on the bottom, and (if it's done right) a giant mound of streusel crumb on top. Entenmann's knows it's the more crumbs the better.

    But it's not as simple as just piling on any old streusel topping. Most streusels are really, really sweet. The trick to a good crumb cake crumb (and one that you actually like eating) is making sure that the crumb topping isn't cloying. Also important: the streusel should also have the right amount of butter. It needs to crumbly but sliceable.

    For years I floundered with this, until I finally came across a recipe that got the proportion of flour to sugar to butter right. The best streusel recipe has much more flour and butter than you may expect, but it works. A touch of oil in the cake batter keeps this crumb cake moist for days.

    Though I usually go the classic crumb cake route (plain vanilla), this time I swirled raspberry jam into the batter, tossed in a handful of fresh raspberries, and added sliced almonds to the crumb topping. To mix it in one bowl, whisk up the batter, spread it into the pan, and just use the same unwashed bowl to toss the crumb mixture together. When it's this easy, you can get your morning off to a sweet start in no time.

  • Journey Kitchen: How To Make The Everyday Indian Flatbread – Roti/Chapati – On the weekends, I would often wake up late to the sound of Ammi saying utho roti banao which meant 'wake up and make some bread'. I would lazily get out of bed, excited about getting fresh hot, ghee crisped roti drizzled with honey and thick cream to go with my chai, not as much about making roti.

    Ammi always neatly ties her hair and covers it with a head scarf while making any bread. It is roti among all food that deserves utmost respect, she says. I often marvel at how bread has such religious and cultural significance in almost every culture.

  • Harissa Quinoa with Shrimp and Chickpeas | Serious Eats : Recipes – Pair this light dinner with a simple green salad for a well-rounded and filling meal.
  • Spicy Chickpea Patty Sandwich | Manjula’s Kitchen | Indian Vegetarian Recipes | Cooking Videos – This is healthy and delicious sandwich. A flavorful patty made with a tasty combination of chickpeas, potatoes, and spices. Placed over Kaiser roll and paired with tangy yogurt spread.

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