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  • Monkey (Ginger)Bread recipe from food52 – I love monkey bread, and the warm and happy family-time feeling of gathering around something and tearing it apart. But I want my holiday breakfast to have a hint of sugarplum-y whimsy- enter gingerbread. This is my attempt to marry two delicious dishes into one fantastic breakfast. I hope you like it! Oh, and I wanted to test this by doing steps 1-8 the night before, refrigerating the pan of dough, and then doing the second rise in the morning, but I ran out of time. So if you want to make this for breakfast, you could give that a try, or wake up at 5 AM- your call 🙂
  • Vegetarian Mushroom Thyme Gravy recipe from food52 – As much as I love everything about cooking Thanksgiving dinner I stress about one thing….the gravy! A vegetarian friend came to the rescue offering up her vegetarian gravy. Through the years it has been tinkered with and has become my "go to" recipe any time I need the perfect gravy for both vegetarians and carnivores. It can be used on mashed potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and even turkey! You can use any type of dried mushroom. I have used shitake mushrooms but mixed dried mushrooms will provide more interesting flavors. To make a vegan version substitute olive oil for the butter and additional broth for the cream.
  • Weighthacker – Welcome to Weighthacker, a site that provides smart strategies and tips for geeks who want to lose weight and get healthier.
  • lower-fat vegan raspberry bars and variations | urban vegan – What's not to love about fruit bars? They're carb-y enough to comfort, fruity enough to qualify as at least semi-healthy, sugary enough to feed your sweet tooth, and best of all, they're a snap to throw together for brunch on Sunday morning or for dessert after a long day at the office. In fact, they're so easy to make that you can probably put your kids to work for most of this recipe.

    In my new quest to have my cake and eat it too, I "healthified" the traditional sugar-, fat- and white flour- laden fruit bar recipe by replacing much of the required oil with applesauce and cutting back some of the sugar. The result? Each serving contains only 133 calories and 3 grams of fat, plus a respectable amount of vitamin C, iron and fiber. As is the case with many of my recipes, this one is modular so please tailor it to fit your own tastes, dietary preferences and seasonality [See ideas for variations below]. Recipes should be springboards to creativity – not rules to be followed blindly. You can replace the raspberries with virtually any fruit, for example, and use any kind of flour you have on hand; I actually used sorghum flour, so you can even make these gluten-free. Let me know what you come up with!

  • 12 Ways to Boost Umami in Your Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes | Ecorazzi – Umami, known as the fifth taste, is what makes certain foods savory and deeply flavorful.

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