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  • Seitan Negimaki | Post Punk Kitchen | Vegan Baking & Vegan Cooking – I always swoon over photos of negimaki. Beautifully grilled teriyaki rolls stuffed with vibrant scallions. See? Did you swoon?

    A vegan version is easy enough. The meat = seitan and the scallions = well, those are already vegan, silly! I tried to keep the ingredients list as simple as possible. The characteristics that I wanted to really shine were the charred grilled flavor and, of course, the scallions. The simple marinade of hoison and mirin really does its job, keeping things juicy with the perfect marriage of sweet and savory.

    Don’t feel like you can’t serve these unless you’re having an all-out Japanese feast. If you’re hosting a little garden soiree (or just watching TV, or catering a bar mitvah…) you can serve these rolls right along hummus and stuffed mushrooms. I guess I take a fairly laid-back approach to menu planning; it’s more about the balance of the overall menu rather than following a strict flavor profile outlined by national borders. So I just try to have a good mix of fresh and cooked items, grains and proteins. The more flavors the merrier.

    That said, these would be wonderful served alongside sushi or a Japanse noodle dish. Maybe with a fresh, gingery salad? You can even serve negimaki over rice, with some steamed veggies, as a main course.

    However you choose to serve, have fun with it! It’s a really playful and delicious grill recipe that is worth the extra effort. SWOOOOON.

  • Recipe: Green Curry Veggie Burgers with Black Beans & Walnuts Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn – I love taking the flavors and ingredients from foods I've eaten while traveling and pulling them into my weekly meals. This veggie burger takes inspiration from around the world — green curry paste, fresh cilantro, creamy black beans, and crunchy walnuts — and puts them into traditional patty form. This burger with its spicy kick is perfect for your next picnic or backyard barbecue.

    I've been around the block when it comes to low carb, meat-free burgers. It feels that many are lacking in either their taste, texture, appearance or ease of creation. In my home these burgers put all others to shame, combining black beans, cilantro, green curry paste and walnuts to create a tasty meal with a satisfying texture. Although they can be served with typical hamburger fixings, they work just as well with a simple greek yogurt or tzatziki sauce. I cut them in half and put them in wraps or just eat them shamefully straight from the pan. 

    After the patties have cooled, you can store them in the refrigerator for up to a week: simply wrap each in a paper towel and place in a zip top bag. Reheat in the microwave for 45 seconds on high (in the paper towel) for best texture. You can also freeze them individually: just pop them in your lunch bag before work and they'll be ready to reheat in the microwave by lunch! 

    This recipe has been a rotating staple in my home over the last two years. It never gets old, and it has become a trusted and welcome addition to my weekly line-up. The burgers can also be made ahead for those seeking a grab-and-go lunch or a quick weeknight dinner.  Did I mention it's ridiculously inexpensive? 

    This is also a vegetarian dish that truly satisfies, something I'm always seeking out. It hits all the right notes, flavor-wise, and you won't leave the dinner table still wanting something else. No, this black bean curry burger will only leave you with a smile on your face and a full tummy! 

  • Seitan Roast Stuffed With Shiitakes And Leeks | Post Punk Kitchen | Vegan Baking & Vegan Cooking – I know. I’m posting a roast recipe on the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving. I’m sure everyone already has their menus planned and I’m late to the party. But this roast almost drove me to the brink of madness Call of Cthulu style, so I had to defeat it! And defeat it I did.

    After about 20 years and twice as many tries I’ve got a fabulous centerpiece stuffed roast that I’m proud to show off to the neighbors. Succulent seitan stuffed with herbed meaty shiitakes and leeks. The seitan is mixed with pureed pinto beans to give it great, juicy texture and even a hint of pink color. It’s really similar to my sausage recipes which I used as a base recipe. The stuffing is coated with bread crumbs, which keep it perfectly packed into the roast when you slice it, instead of falling out all over the place. It all comes together when baked in a familiar tinfoil wrapping.

    I don’t know what took me so long to get it right. Maybe someday I’ll be ready to talk about it. But right now, let’s get roasting!

  • Cozy, a personal cloud you can hack, host and delete – a personal cloud you can host, hack, and delete
  • Soft Whole-Wheat Rolls Recipe | Fatfree Vegan Recipes – I’m a big fan of Freshware silicone bakeware. This recipe was created specifically for the 12 cavity petite loaf pan (perfect serving size) but will work in any standard muffin pan. Sliced in half and toasted makes a perfect crunchy ‘cracker’. This is my standard all around bread recipe now. See variations below.
  • Homemade Seitan | Post Punk Kitchen | Vegan Baking & Vegan Cooking – Wheat meat! No need to spend a ton of money or time on seitan. This method is simple and delicious.

    But before we begin, let’s address some of the seitan pitfalls. The biggest mistake made by young, aspiring seitan makers is boiling instead of simmering. Boiling is great if you’re trying to create fake brains, but for all other purposes, a gentle simmer will create the tender chunks of seitan that are perfect for slicing and sauteeing.

    Which brings us to the next rule of seitan, which is to always gently sautee the seitan in a little olive oil before adding it to recipes. Seitan that has only been boiled tastes okay, but for great texture – crisp on the outside, tender on the inside – a 5 minute saute is all you need. Using a cast iron pan to saute will score you even more points, because it gives the slices great charred flavor, too.

    Oh, one last thing: I’ve changed the directions and ingredients a bit to make it foolproof, so if you’ve made this recipe before please give the directions a scan before proceeding.

  • Vegetable Biriyani – Paul Merrett's recipe for Vegetable Biriyani is his 'desert island dish'. A wonderfully fragrant curry of scented rice and vegetables, a biriyani can be difficult to make but this one has been kept simple.
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