Bookmarks for 3rd August 2012

These are my saved Pinboard links for 3rd August 2012:

  • Togo/eve – EVE helps you to learn shortcuts, in order to increase your productivity with MAC OS X. Every time you execute an action using the mouse, EVE will show you the matching shortcut.
  • TextExpander shell script snippet to set Safari 6 default fonts – Mac OS X Hints – Apple removed the default font settings preferences in Safari 6, but one can easily change them with a set of Terminal commands. More fun, though, is using TextExpander's Shell Script Snippet feature to do it. Slight advantage: once the snippet is in your collection, you can edit the snippet to change the fonts at any time without having to dig up the commands from your memory. Note that you have to quit and restart Safari for the changes to take effect.
  • Overnight Buns | Serious Eats : Recipes – When bringing buns over to someone's house for dinner, I like to bring fresh ones. Baked that day. They don't have to be warm, but if I'm going through the trouble of making homemade bread, I want them to be good, not day-old.

    But sometimes the whole process of kneading, rising, shaping, rising, baking doesn't fit neatly into the hours before we're going out. What's a baker to do? Make an overnight recipe, of course.

    I usually make just one loaf or a dozen buns, but if I'm bringing them to a dinner party, I want to have enough for both dinner and leftovers for the host. So this one makes a whopping 24 buns.

    These were baked on a half-sheet pan, so they snuggled together during rising and baking. If you prefer buns that remain separate instead of the pull-apart kind, you'll need two baking sheets.

  • Linux: Configure and Control APC SmartUPS During a Power Failure – My Linux nas server connected to APC SmartUPS using usb cable and I would like to detect a power failure. If power is not restored my server must shutdown when the battery is exhausted. How do I configure and use my APC SmartUPS under Debina / Ubuntu / RHEL / CentOS / Fedora / Scientific Linux operating system for power management?
  • Turkey and Porcini Meatballs with Rosemary and Polenta | Serious Eats : Recipes – My meatball addiction knows no bounds. If made correctly, meatballs are actually so much lighter than meat by itself. Pillowy, more delicate, easier to portion-adjust. And so versatile and easy to throw together.

    This is my "Tuscan-inspired" meatball ragu over polenta. Rustic and comforting. Full of the woodsy twang of rosemary and the earthy punch of porcini mushrooms. And it couldn't be easier.

    Just throw all the meatball ingredients in a bowl—lean turkey, fresh rosemary, dried porcini mushrooms, Pecorino Romano cheese—and gently mix together and form into balls. Then the meatballs are simmered in a gussied-up bought tomato sauce, and poured over creamy quick-cooking polenta.

    It's comforting and hearty, but because of the way we cook the polenta and the turkey (as opposed to beef) in the meatballs, it's actually really light. I serve it with a big green salad.

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