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These are my saved Pinboard links for 28th August 2013:

  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Deep-filled homity pie – Rich wholemeal pastry packed with a potato, onion and cheese filling. We’ve added spinach and a hint of nutmeg for a Biker twist.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Creamy lentil and rice dish (khicheri) – Khicheri is made with rice and lentils. I make mine with brown rice and split green lentils, but it is normally made with white rice and can be made with just about any kind of lentil.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Homemade falafels with salad and pitta bread – These falafels are baked rather than fried for a healthy take on this simple and delicious Middle Eastern dish. This is designed to be a low cost recipe
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Falafel burger with hummus – Shape your falafel mixture into large patties to create a great vegetarian burger. Top with lashings of hummus.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Tarka dal with rice – Spiced lentils make a cheap, wholesome supper – add extra chilli and cumin seeds for a more robust flavour. This is designed to be a low cost recipe.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Mushroom and mozzarella burger with relish – Large flat mushrooms filled with melty mozzarella make the perfect vegetarian burger, slathered in homemade tomato relish. Irresistible. This is designed to be a low cost recipe.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Mushroom stroganoff with rice – Make a meal of tasty mushrooms in this simple lightly-spiced soured cream sauce. This is designed to be a low cost recipe.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Paneer and potato curry – Vegetarian curries are much better for your health and your wallet, plus they’re quick and simple to make – perfect for a midweek meal. This is designed to be a low cost recipe.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Vegetarian curry with Indian cheese, tomatoes and peppers (paneer jalfrezi) – According to a poll featured in the British Curry Club’s in-house magazine, the jalfrezi is now the most popular choice in Britain’s Indian restaurants. In many Indian restaurants, however, they list ‘jalfrezi’, ‘rogan josh’, ‘dopiaza’, and then simply change the main ingredient from mutton to chicken to vegetable, so you get the impression it’s always the same sauce. This jalfrezi is specifically for paneer, the Indian cheese, and is little more than a stir-fry, which is perfect for the main ingredient.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Potato and pea curry with tomato and coriander (aloo dum) – Aloo dum is possibly the most common vegetable curry in India. It’s almost like chips with everything here, aloo dum with everything there. It’s either easy to make or hard, depending on what you want to do with it. If I was describing it to somebody I’d just say boil potatoes, fry them with garam masala, add some tomato, chilli, turmeric and salt and it’s done; then, if you like, throw in frozen peas just before the end.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Paneer-stuffed peppers – These delicately spiced stuffed peppers are perfect for veggies and can be served as part of an Indian feast.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Tartiflette – Try serving this French-style cheesy potato bake with pickled onions, gherkins and charcuterie.
  • BBC – Food – Recipes : Christmas veggie Wellington – A show-stopping alternative to beef Wellington, this vegetarian recipe will have everyone asking for another slice.
  • NSA-proof your e-mail in 2 hours | Sealed Abstract – You may be concerned that the NSA is reading your e-mail. Is there really anything you can do about it though? After all, you don’t really want to move off of GMail / Google Apps. And no place you would host is any better.
  • Mushrooms with Lentils – Two of my all time favourite ingredients together in a one pot meal. Yay!

    The butter here adds flavour to our mushrooms but it also is important for softening and balancing the acidity from the tomato paste.

  • Setting up fresh Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 server for Ruby on Rails | Lunar Logic Blog – Once in a while you, as a Ruby developer, are faced with product owner’s “Alright, now it’s time to make it live”. And then you probably think “I’ll be fighting with these stubborn servers for next few days…”. If you have very simple app or one at the early stages of its lifetime you can use one of “no hassle deployment” platforms like Heroku or OpenShift. But chances are you need some custom stuff that is hard to achieve on these kind of platforms or you just feel better with “root” access.

    You have many options for setting up Linux servers. Amongst the most popular ones are Chef and Puppet. Various hosting provider also add their own solutions for provisioning boxes (like Stackscripts on Linode). Or you can do it “the old-school way”, manually. If you don’t need multiple machines and/or you have just a simple Rails site then provisioning tools might be an overkill. Also I believe any Ruby developer should configure production server from scratch at least once to get familiar with this stuff and to learn where to look when troubleshooting server side problems.

    Recently I led a workshop about these things here at LLP and we decided to compile this knowledge into a blog post to share it with other Ruby devs and to have a known reference point in the future. So here it goes.

    Note: following steps were tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10. They don’t include any version-specific commands so they should also work without a problem on newer Ubuntu versions when they get relased.

  • How To Easily Build a Fast, Reliable Production Rails 3.2 Web Server with Ubuntu 12.10 / Nginx / Passenger – Ghost TxGhost Tx – Just one note before we start. This took MANY, MANY tries to get right. I just went all the way through it myself from start to finish and it worked. There were a few issues with my test app itself that I had to troubleshoot, but I finally got them worked out. See the “Deploy Source Code” section for some problem solving tips.
  • ngrok – secure introspectable tunnels to localhost – “I want to securely expose a local web server to the internet and capture all traffic for detailed inspection and replay.”
  • Mousetrap – Keyboard shortcuts in Javascript – A simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript.

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