Bookmarks for 24th November 2012

These are my saved Pinboard links for 24th November 2012:

  • Emmet Documentation – Emmet (previously known as Zen Coding) is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow
  • Kaleidoscope & Alfred – Stale Coffee – My beloved Alfred recently added a ‘file buffer’, which in essence means you can select a bunch of files and folders from within it and then perform a single action on all of them.
  • How to Choose the Right CSS Preprocessor – Treehouse Blog – You’ve probably already heard of CSS preprocessors by now, but haven’t quite plucked up the courage to try one because of the learning curve, or maybe because “preprocessor” just plain sounds intimidating. So let’s put those uncertainties at ease and go over what preprocessors are, how they work, and which one you might choose. In this article, we’ll discuss the 3 most popular ones: Sass, LESS and Stylus.

    Preprocessors compile the CSS code we write in a processed language to the pure CSS syntax we’re all used to. If you’ve recently considered using a CSS preprocessor, there’s no better time to dive in with all the options and helpful tools available. Until recently, there was a lot of resistance from developers who argued that preprocessors steered too far from pure CSS, added more layers of complexity and that “If its not broken, don’t fix it”. But lately, many have realized just how powerful preprocessors can make our CSS.

  • Cola baked chicken | Recipes | MasterChef Australia
  • PhantomJS: Headless WebKit with JavaScript API – PhantomJS is a headless WebKit with JavaScript API. It has fast and native support for various web standards: DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG.

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