Bookmarks for 24th July 2012

These are my saved Pinboard links for 24th July 2012:

  • Remote SSH using Back To My Mac | – One of the less well publicised features of Apple’s iCloud service is Back To My Mac.

    This service provides a private IPv6 network which you can use to securely connect all your Mac hosts.

    To use BTMM you will need to upgrade all your Macs to OS X Lion and sign them all into the same Apple iCloud account. You will also need your unique BTMM account number.

  • Siri: The ultimate guide | – Everything you need to know about setting up Siri securely, and all the Siri commands for phone, email, messaging, alarms, timers, reminders, calendars, weather, music, maps, and more!
  • Nisus Software – Word Processing for Mac OS X – Introducing the latest member of the Nisus family: Nisus Writer Pro. Built from the same core as Nisus Writer Express, Nisus Writer Pro adds new features while keeping the familiar look and feel that has won praise from users and the press alike.

    20% Discount Coupon: "Scrivener12"

  • the 5-in-1 network admin’s cable – There is nothing worse than showing up for an on-site visit without the correct cable you need for a job. So what is a network admin to do, carry around several bulky cables everywhere?

    For quite some time I've been carrying a single CAT5 ethernet cable in my laptop bag along with "the world's shortest crossover cable" and an RJ45 coupler. This allows me to turn my ethernet cable into a crossover cable and eliminates the need to carry around a second lengthy cable. Handy, but nothing to write home about. More recently I have been working with a lot of network devices with serial console ports, including Cisco routers and various other things. This means lugging around a null modem cable in addition to the non-standard RJ-45 to DB-9 console cable required by most Cisco equipment.

    But after putting together four simple custom adapters, I now have an ethernet cable, a crossover ethernet cable, a modem cable, a null modem cable, and a Cisco console cable all by carrying around just one standard ethernet cable. An added benefit is that I can always extend my cable by finding a longer ethernet cable than the one I carry in my bag. It is usually pretty easy to locate a long ethernet cable but not so easy to locate a long null modem cable.

    Do you find yourself toting several of these cables everywhere you go? Do you often wish you had brought a different cable with you after you have arrived on-site? Are you as geeky as me and think that this is just plain cool even if you never expect to configure a router in your lifetime? Then you need the 5-in-1 network admin's cable!

  • Lentil Cakes Tikka Masala recipe from food52 – You can make these spicy hot by adding chile flakes or cayenne to the cakes or the sauce or both.

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