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These are my saved Pinboard links for 22nd March 2013:

  • Trevor Appleton – User Guides, Hints and Tips all about the Raspberry Pi.
  • BrowseAudit – A Python script to read your OS X Safari history file and privately list your most frequently visited website domains. Output includes HTML, CSV, and listing to stdout. Surprise yourself today.
  • Keema Matar – Mincemeat Green Peas Curry – Indian Non Veg Recipes » All Recipes Indian Curry Recipes Indian Meat Recipes Indian Non-Vegetarian Recipes North Indian Recipes Indian Food Recipes | Andhra Recipes | Indian Dishes Recipes | Sailu’s Kitchen – A classic North Indian non veg recipe using mincemeat (lamb) and fresh green peas, Keema Matar, is a popular dish in our home and among friends. It is a much requested dish for pot lucks. Mincemeat (lamb) works best though you could use chicken or beef in its place. I always make the curry with lamb aka keema. I froze a kilo of green peas that I bought last month towards the end of the winter season since I like to add them to most korma style dishes or to prepare peas paratha or Keema Matar, both of which are favorites in our home.

    Mincemeat and green peas make for a good combination and when simmered with aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, the curry is bound to be delicious. A straight forward simple recipe and a quick dish to prepare provided you use a pressure cooker. It can be slow cooked over stove top too which is much more flavorful compared to the pressure cooker method. Potatoes can also be added along with fresh green peas. I usually serve Keema Matar with a flavored rice dish, naan or phulka. Use the left over curry to make sandwiches for breakfast the next day.

  • Chart.js | HTML5 Charts for your website. – Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers
  • joeldev/ADNKit · GitHub – ADNKit is a brand new Objective-C framework for building iOS and OS X applications.
  • Building A Rackspace Private Cloud … In My Garage – The Official Rackspace Blog – Ever since I built a CloudStack private cloud in my garage, I’ve had the urge to repeat the process with OpenStack. But I have to be honest, I was a tad intimidated by the complexity. There are several services required for OpenStack, including but not limited to Nova, Glance, Keystone, Horizon, and Cinder. All of these would normally have to be fetched from source, then configured to work together. Over time, OS packages have become available that would save me fetching these services from source, but the configuration tasks were still pretty significant.
  • Ubuntu Networking Configuration Using Command Line | Ubuntu Geek – The basics for any network based on *nix hosts is the Transport Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) combination of three protocols. This combination consists of the Internet Protocol (IP),Transport Control Protocol (TCP), and Universal Datagram Protocol (UDP).
    By Default most of the users configure their network card during the installation of Ubuntu. You can however, use the ifconfig command at the shell prompt or Ubuntu's graphical network configuration tools, such as network-admin, to edit your system's network device information or to add or remove network devices on your system
  • Type Zebra – Test your fonts in a web browser – Type Zebra – Test your fonts in web browser.

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