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These are my saved Pinboard links for 19th September 2012:

  • Chocolat Mixins – Welcome to Chocolat's mixins directory. Mixins are plugins for Chocolat written in Javascript. The API Documentation is located here. To add your own mixins, you have to login via git.
  • ControlPlane | Context Sensitive Computing – v
  • Vegan Fried Chicken | Hell Yeah It’s Vegan! – Y’all, put down your mice and step away from the monitor. You have to go make this recipe for vegan fried chicken. Right now.

    Okay, so maybe wait ’til lunch, or ’til you get home from work, or ’til you’re through selling your body to science for the day. But seriously, this has long been one of the most popular recipes on my blog, and for good reason.

    Apparently lots of people hate boiled seitan, but I am not one of them. Well, to be fair, I’ve eaten my share of failed boiled seitan: seitan that practically disintegrates in water, seitan that’s undercooked and gummy, seitan that’s just fluffy and flavorless despite the two hours you spent making it. I once bought and cooked my way through a 25lb bulk bag of vital wheat gluten, so I’d say I’ve learned a thing or two about seitan. If you’re ardently opposed to boiling seitan, I still recommend that you try spicing and breading your preferred style of seitan this way. I promise it tastes good.

    Remember that this is seitan, not a processed dead-animal analogue, so I’m not inclined to boast that you’re going to fool an obstinate omnivore with these patties (if you turn them into nuggets, though, all bets are off!). I’ve been saying it for years, but most of the enjoyment people get out of eating the corpses of non-human animals can be boiled down to* spices and preparation methods. This recipe is ingredient- and time-intensive, but once fried, it is almost weirdly authentic; it’s savory and juicy inside with crisp, salty breading outside, just like fried chicken … except without all the unbelievable shittiness inherent in, ya know, slaughtering a sentient creature.

    Don’t skimp on the vegan Worcestershire sauce; if you must, you can try substituting some (vegan!) steak sauce and marmite. It packs a flavor punch, though, so it’s worth the extra effort to hunt it down or make it yourself.

  • Simple Blog Writing Framework – Bill Rice – I love outlines. Most of my writing starts with an outline, which becomes the functional framework for all my content creation.
  • Script: custom OmniFocus action lists on the desktop, using Geektool – The Omni Group Forums – Script: custom OmniFocus action lists on the desktop, using Geektool
  • Aloo Chole | Recipe for Aloo Chole – Aloo Chole recipe is a North Indian style curry. Its a combination of boiled Potatoes and Chickpeas in a tangy gravy. This can be served with Chapathis or Poori.

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