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  • Mini Chicken Pot Pies recipe on – I have this fantasy that takes place in the English countryside, maybe near some water. I’m wearing a fluffy sweater and so are all of my friends and we’re riding cute bikes with cute baskets and when we get to where we’re going, we sit on the ground and eat cute pies — pies that are comforting and hearty and have magically stayed warm throughout our long and hilly bike ride.

    These little pot pies are a good contender for my fantasy, I think. They’re small, they retain heat well, and they’re deceptively filling. They’re everything you want in a chicken pot pie and nothing you don’t. (No mushrooms, for example. But that’s just my personal preference — add them if you want!) In the fantasy, I’ve taken the time to personalize each of the pies with intricate pie crust details and designs, but okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.

    These pies will totally work with your leftover turkey from Thanksgiving — simply sub it for the chicken and sub the chicken broth concentrate for vegetable broth concentrate. If you absolutely cannot stand to look at another pie after Thanksgiving, wrap these guys tightly in plastic wrap, freeze them, and reheat in the microwave as desired.

  • Crispy Mashed Potato Casserole With Bacon, Cheese, and Scallions | Serious Eats : Recipes – Let's consider two facts: The key to an easy Thanksgiving is to make as much of the food ahead as possible. But cold mashed potatoes don't reheat very well, and are best made at the last minute.

    The logical conclusion is that if you want mashed potatoes on the Thanksgiving table, you either have to make them right before serving, or drop the idea entirely. But as anyone who's had a mashed potato casserole before knows, those aren't the only two options.

    Yet even when loaded with cream and butter, mashed potatoes tend not to reheat well: they harden when chilled and, without the addition of moisture, never regain their freshly-made taste and texture when reheated. The trick, then, is to add an ingredient that will help maintain the mash's moisture level so that it softens back to its original light, fluffy texture when cooked again.

    There are already a lot of recipes for this, and most call for adding cream cheese or sour cream to the mix. I had two main goals when creating this recipe: first, I wanted to make sure that those really are the best add-ins, and then I wanted to create a really flavorful crispy topping to make this casserole feel like special-occasion—not everyday—mashed potatoes. The flavors of a fully loaded baked potato with bacon, cheese, and scallions seemed like an obvious candidate, especially once you consider the tangy dairy that'll be joining the mash.

  • Creamy Mushroom Pasta – A simple pasta dish that gives you everything you deserve after a long day — carbs and cream sauce.
  • Jack Monroe’s prawn bibimbap recipe | Life and style | The Guardian – Enjoy this traditional Korean dish, with its kaleidoscope of colours and flavours, on a bleak winter’s day
  • Jack Monroe’s mushroom pearl barley risotto recipe | Life and style | The Guardian – I have an anarchic view of risotto – this one uses pearl barley instead of rice for a nutty flavour and interesting texture
  • How to make hazelnut and cocoa spread – recipe | Life and style | The Guardian – It tastes just like that well-known chocolate spread – but this version is packed with wholesome hazelnuts
  • donmelton/video-transcoding-scripts – Utilities to transcode, inspect and convert videos.
  • How to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich | Life and style | The Guardian – Fluffy Mighty White or the fuller texture of artisan sourdough? Taleggio, Teifi or prepacked slices? And what is the best way to cook your sandwich: grill, griddle, frying pan or toastie machine?
  • The secret to making great curry | Back to basics | Life and style | The Guardian – The complex flavours of curries are governed by just three things: generous spicing; onion, ginger and garlic done just right; and something to give it body. Then simply improvise…
  • How to make a bootable Yosemite installer drive | iMore – Installing OS X Yosemite is as easy as downloading the installer from the Mac App Store and getting started. But there are times when you might want to create a bootable drive to run the Yosemite installer from, instead. Follow these instructions for details.

    Installing Yosemite from a bootable drive comes in handy if you want to do a clean install – wiping your hard drive and installing a fresh copy of the operating system, for example, or if you're installing the software on multiple Macs and don't want to have to download it each time.

    To do this, you'll need the Yosemite installer and you'll also need a bootable disk. You can use a USB thumbdrive with 8 GB or more storage capacity or an external USB hard disk; either will work just fine.

    To download the Yosemite installer, click here. The installer is free, though you'll need to be signed in to the Mac App Store to download it. After it downloads, the installer app may automatically launch. Quit out of the installer if it does.

    You'll need to make sure that external hard drive or USB drive is properly formatted for the Mac.

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