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These are my saved Pinboard links for 16th April 2013:

  • robotdestroy » Moon Calendar for Status Board• Design and Development in Chicago, Illinois – This week Panic announced Status Board. I was excited by the idea of Status Board because I have always been a fan of Dashboard for OS X. I think having the board physically available and not hidden makes it much more useful. Glancing over at my iPad is more convenient and more engaging than switching to a hidden space on my laptop.

    Recently, I created a website called It’s basically a way for me to check the current moon phase. Unfortunately, because it’s a website, I never check it. So I created ‘Why am I crazy today?’ for Status Board.

  • Server statistics in Status Board – Bensmann – Panic, the company behind apps such as Coda and Transmit, has released a new app called Status Board. This app is in essence a widget hub for your iPad, showcasing cool stuff such as tweets, e-mail, calendar and much more. One of the most awesome things though is the ability to make your own widgets, or to supply data to widgets. It wasn’t hard to think of something I wanted to use this for …
  • Status Board App.Info – Home – Status Board is a great new iPad app from Panic Software that lets you configure custom data sources for beautiful tables and graphs on-the-fly. 

    Status Board supports custom panicboard:// URLs that install data sources into the app from anywhere on the web with a single tap.

    This site serves as a public registry of all panicboard:// URLs available on the web.

  • PNG EXPRESS | Automated Design Delivery for Photoshop – PNG EXPRESS is a Photoshop® plug-in that slices and exports your PSD document to individual PNG & JPG assets, and allows you to generate matching design specifications with concise information on dimensions, margins, font features etc. It's easy and flexible with full control for designers, while providing clear and consistent deliverables for developers. That means faster workflow, better communication, and more time for lunch and ping-pong matches.
  • How To: Screencast iOS apps (and possibly GIF them too) | David Chartier – More and more people have been asking how I make iOS videos and GIFs for Finer Things in Tech and 1Password, so I thought I’d answer with more than a tweet. You’ll need at least two of these things, three if you want to GIF:

    Reflector for Mac – It turns a Mac into an AirPlay target for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and anything newer
    Screenflow – If you want to spice up your iOS video with audio commentary or Michael Baysian explosions, you’ll need some kind of video editor. For screencast work, Screenflow is my favorite so far; it’s iMovie tuned specifically for making videos about software. Also: I linked the Mac App Store, though Screenflow has a “free” demo and you can buy straight from them, but I don’t recommend it. Their draconian licensing system is a poster child for buying in the Mac App Store
    GIF Brewery (optional) – The only Mac GIF tool I know of (examples). It’s not quite iMovie for making GIFs, it’s probably more like QuickTime for making GIFs. But it’s good

  • StartSSL™ Certificates & Public Key Infrastructure – StartSSL™ Home – StartSSL™ is the trade mark of the StartCom® Certification Authority – a leader of the digital certification industry. We provide you with everything from free low-assurance SSL certificates up to the most advanced PKI and security solutions for your business and personal use.
  • Administration Over SSL « WordPress Codex – WordPress 2.6 and later has greatly improved support for administration over SSL out of the box.

    To easily enable (and enforce) administration over SSL, there are two constants that you can define in your blog's wp-config.php file. It is not sufficient to define these constants in a plugin file; they must be defined in your wp-config.php file. You must also already have SSL configured on the server and a (virtual) host configured for the secure server before your site will work properly with these constants set to true.

  • WozWas – Mac Warranty Status Script – For so long, I’ve wanted a script that got me the warranty status of the Mac I’m working on.  Granted, it’s not that hard to open the support page and put in the serial, but I do it enough that it gets frustrating.

    Thanks to some JavaScript advice from a friend, I finally have it working!  When you run the little app, you’re given the option to check the status of the Mac you’re on, or manually enter a Serial Number.  

    Then, it opens a page in Safari, submits the information (after a few seconds delay), and pulls up the response.  Make sure that you wait when you run it, don’t think it’s not working just because it waits.

    So thanks to Tim the Tool Man for his help, and enjoy the automation!

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