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These are my saved Pinboard links for 15th February 2014:

  • BAGJACK • BAGJACK handmade in berlin – bagjack CLASSIC – The classic messenger bag is available in seven sizes. Next to the usual functions every client can customize their own bag using different colour combinations and extras such as secret pockets or a mesh pocket, by making use of the modular design principle. You can find inspiration in the SPECIAL EDITIONS, which usually take around 4 weeks to produce. The next generation of messenger bags is presented under NEXT LEVEL featuring an entirely revised form of messenger, the new tote and more bags made from the highest quality waterproof and resilient materials. URBAN COMPANIONS represent our transport solutions for all occasions, rucksacks, totes, travel bags and many more to discover. In the MODULES & SUPPLIES section, you can find all of the extras that can be attached to a messenger bag, wallets and Pro Bike accessories.
  • Insanely fast, headless full-stack testing using Node.js – If you're going to write an insanely fast, headless browser, how can you not call it Zombie? Zombie it is.

    Zombie.js is a lightweight framework for testing client-side JavaScript code in a simulated environment. No browser required.

  • inotify – get your file system supervised – Welcome to the site dedicated to the inotify technology. Here you can find what is inotify, how to use and why (and the obsolete dnotify is bad) and much more information.

    Additionaly, this site hosts also two inotify-related projects: inotify-cxx (an inotify C++ interface) and incron ("inotify cron", a daemon system analogous to cron). These project are intended to better and easier use of inotify.

  • Slow Cooker Penang Curry Soup With Chicken and Kale | Serious Eats : Recipes – This simple and sustaining Thai red curry soup is cooked slowly with a hearty mix of chicken thighs, kale, mushrooms, and potatoes, and finished with lime and fish sauce to give it oomph and depth. It can easily be made vegetarian by replacing the chicken broth with vegetable stock and omitting the chicken thighs. In that case, using fish sauce is at your discretion.

    You may substitute chicken breasts in place of thighs, but shorten the cooking time to no more than six hours since they're prone to drying out.

    As for the lime wedge that's added during cooking, it's a quick fix when you can't get your hands on fresh or dried kaffir lime leaves. If you have them, by all means use two instead.

  • Vegan Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Panini With Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise | Serious Eats : Recipes – You know that episode of Friends where Ross sticks a piece of gravy-soaked bread in the middle of his sandwich and calls it the moist maker? It sounds goofy, but it does hit on a key element of good sandwiches: They must be moist to be delicious. It's actually a pretty good life lesson in general.

    In the past, I've relied on braised greens or broccoli rabe as the moist element, or have gone with a deep fried vegetable.

    This time, rather than using a single moist maker, I'm going with a selection of three moderately moist ingredients—sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and sun-dried tomato mayo—that together combine to make a synergistic Captain Planet-like explosion of moistness, all neatly contained in a crisp griddled crust.

    First up: mushrooms sautéed until deeply browned. I used a mix of button mushrooms and portobello, sliced thin, but cremini (aka baby portobello) or shiitake would work as well. The key with sautéing mushrooms is to remember that cooking takes place in two distinct phases. When you first add the 'shrooms to the pan, they start expelling liquid out of their porous inner structure. It's only after this excess moisture has evaporated that they can begin to brown, which concentrates and adds complexity to their flavor.

    Bear in mind: even though you're driving off water from the mushrooms' interior, the end results still taste moist due to the nice coating of olive oil the mushrooms get as they cook. A little garlic, lemon juice, and soy sauce amp up their flavor.

    Next: a sun-dried tomato mayonnaise. Regular mayonnaise (you can use either a store-bought vegan mayonnaise or our homemade version) is nicely moist and tangy on its own. Processing some sun-dried tomatoes, some garlic, and a splash of lemon juice into them makes them more so, adding a sweet, jammy element as well.

    Last ingredients: deeply caramelized onions. There's a rule with caramelized onions that is as unbreakable as the first law of thermodynamics and it goes like this: the longer you take to caramelize your onions, the better they will taste.

    That said, your goal should always be to balance effort required with results achieved. Using my quick caramelization method, you can get onions that are about 80 percent as good as perfectly caramelized onions, in just a fraction of the time—as short as 15 minutes. In this case, I'm letting them go for about 30 minutes while I prep the rest of my ingredients.

    Once all three elements are assembled, I slap them together and grill them on a panini press.

    Pro-tip: don't smash your sandwich down all at once. This will cause your stiff crusts to break and compromise the structural integrity of your meal. Instead, close the lid gently and let the sandwiches cook for a few minutes to soften up the crust before pressing down more firmly.

    The sandwiches that come out have a certain pizza-like quality to them, a result of the combo of tomatoes and onions with crisp crust. It's a good fix if you crave the intense sweet-and-savory flavor of a Totino's pizza roll, but in a more sophisticated and filling package.

    And yes, they're moist.

  • How to cook the perfect treacle tart | Life and style | The Guardian – Hot on the heels of the toothaching tablet, and as part of my continued campaign to persuade you that sugar is not the devil's latest weapon of choice , I bring you treacle tart. Unabashedly sweet and wonderfully sticky, it's one of those childhood pleasures that never quite leaves you, even if you're "really more of a fruit person these days".

    Treacle tarts in their current incarnation only date from the invention of golden syrup in 1883 – treacle remained the generic name for syrupy byproducts of the sugar refinery process for some time afterwards, though the new desserts bore little relation to their bitter black predecessors. (The idea of binding breadcrumbs together with sugar is a far older one; medieval gingerbread worked on the same principle, but using honey.)

    Stale bread and cheap syrup proved a killer combination for thrifty cooks chasing maximum calories for their cash, which is probably why the dish remains so popular in schools to this day. And, let's face it, if you could keep it down at school, it's going to keep a sweet spot in your heart for life.

  • Spicy chocolate pecan cookies | Homesick Texan – Valentine, Texas is a squint of a town in far West Texas. If you’re heading to Marfa from El Paso, then you’ll drive through it as you head to your destination. Though if you’re not paying attention, you could very well miss it.

    While Valentine is indeed small, it is large enough to have a post office. And every year people send their valentine cards to Valentine, Texas to get a special postmark. That post office, however, is the only business around. So, for instance, if you’re hungry then you’ll have to keep on driving. But that’s okay, as Marfa is only a few more miles down the road.

    Now Marfa isn’t large either, but it does have a fair number of places to eat. You’ll find Mexican food, American food, Italian food, falafels, grilled cheese sandwiches, a Dairy Queen, and pizza. There’s also a quirky cafeteria, which has delicious proteins, sides, sandwiches, and homemade cookies for dessert.

  • Chicken Stylee Seitan | Post Punk Kitchen | Vegan Baking & Vegan Cooking – That isn’t a typo! This is Chicken Styl-ee Seitan. Perfect for where ever someone might use a chicken. I know, people sometimes eat chickens, weird right?

    PS This recipe was designed for the Seitan & Waffles. But you can use it in anything, of course!

  • Jack Monroe’s blue cheese and onion tattie scones recipe | Life and style | – These simple but hearty scones are ideal for any time of day. I serve mine for breakfast with a runny egg on top, or for dinner with buttery cabbage and succulent chicken thighs.
  • Easy Weeknight Desserts – Chocolate Brownie Recipes – Find beauty in the mayhem. This weeknight-friendly, deceptively simple take on a chocolate brownie will help.

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