Bookmarks for 12th September 2012

These are my saved Pinboard links for 12th September 2012:

  • multi-rsync – Freecode – mrsync transfers whole files from one master machine to many remote machines in a LAN using Unix sockets' multicasting capability. It has congestion control so that it won't jam the network traffic relentlessly. It takes about 4 hours for 140GB to 100 targets on a 1Gbit LAN.
  • QuickRes App by Inertiactive – QuickRes is the quickest and easiest way to switch between screen resolutions on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. With just a single click or a quick keystroke, you can give your Mac more screen space than ever before with sizes ranging up to 3840×2400!
  • The Extraordinary Art of Cake: Nigella Lawson’s Perfect Every Time Lemon Drizzle Cake – This is one of my favourite cake recipes, it is perfect every time and everyone who tries this cake raves about it.
  • Useful Print And Online Magazines For Web Designers | Smashing Magazine – One of the advantages of working in a creative industry is the number of designers and developers who take their craft seriously. The design community shines in one regard in particular: the design community seems to be less willing to hoard knowledge and skills. Instead, we present them, elaborate on them and keep improving on each other’s techniques — among other media — magazines and books.
    In this overview of useful magazines you’ll find everything from purely online publications to monthly, glossy print editions, where all subjects relevant to art and design are being investigated in colorful, eloquent detail.
  • Pad Thai Recipe at – There are two categories of entrée in Thailand: dishes served with rice, and noodle dishes, which are presented as one-pot meals and often eaten on the go. Rice noodles cook more quickly than wheat pasta and are the perfect neutral vehicle for intense Thai flavors. This Pad Thai is not the dish from the neighborhood take-out joint. "It ain't made with chicken," says Ricker, whose traditional take—pleasantly funky with fish sauce and preserved radish and a touch sour from tamarind—is meant to be eaten in the evening as a stand-alone dish
  • aanand/deadweight – Deadweight is a CSS coverage tool. Given a set of stylesheets and a set of URLs, it determines which selectors are actually used and reports which can be "safely" deleted.

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