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Mark Lednor

Well my name is Mark Lednor and I’m currently employed as a technology specialist Senior ERP Analyst working in the IT department of Eurotherm Limited (which is part of Invensys’s Operations Management division), in their Worthing, Sussex, UK offices. I’m not sure that anyone at Eurotherm knows what a technology specialist is actually supposed to do, but I do it anyway. I’ve worked for Eurotherm for over 24 years in various jobs, but always in IT.

Currently I’m mainly involved in VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure, SANs, Networking, ERP, and maintaining the older, non-SharePoint, parts of the company Intranet which is TWiki and some even older mod_perl and Mason pages. I also provide support for around 400 users of Eurotherm’s ERP system, which is ancient and based on Epicor’s DataFlo product. We’ve now replaced DataFlo with SAP so that side of things has basically stopped now.

I used to have a funny Out of Office reply that made people smile, but I had to change it recently, you can see the original version here.

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