About Me

Mark Lednor

Well my name is Mark Lednor and I’m currently employed as a technology specialist Senior ERP Analyst Infrastructure Operations Senior Engineer working in the IT R&D department of Eurotherm Limited (which is part of Schneider-Electric’s Machine Solutions division), in their Worthing, Sussex, UK offices. I’m not sure that anyone at Eurotherm knows what a technology specialist is actually supposed to do, but I do it anyway. I’ve worked for Eurotherm for nearly 30 years in various jobs, but always in IT related ones.

Currently I’m mainly involved in Dep Ops using VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure, SANs, Networking, I also maintain the older, non-SharePoint, parts of the company Intranet which is mainly TWiki.

I used to have a funny Out of Office reply that made people smile, but I had to change it recently, you can see the original version here.

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